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Introduction to Business Administration Lesson 1 1. Administration Administration can be defined as the process of organizing resources efficiently to accomplish a goal. 1 Concept of Administration Provides the foundation for management in many different industries. A business manager may have a wide variety of responsibilities depending on the. Establish and carry out departmental or organizational goals, policies and procedures. Unit 1 : Introduction to Business 1. 1 Concept, Nature and Type of Business Introduction: All Human beings where ever they may be require different type of goods and services to satisfy their needs. Business is a major economic activity in all modern societies concerned with production and sale of goods and services required by the. Business Management & Administration Main Aim ( s) of the Unit: The unit introduces the student to a range of studies which are useful in understanding people in the workplace. It examines the concept of management within the global business environment and through the appraisal of business cases, a variety of approaches are considered. What are the basics of Business Administration? Business administration is all about managing workers in a nonprofit organization or a business, and effectively allocating resources through the application of the micro- economic principles. Introduction to Business Administration Lesson 2 2. The administrator The administrator is in charge of managing aspects of an organization by using its resources to accomplish common goals and objectives.

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    Business administration is the process of managing workers and allocating resources efficiently and effectively by applying microeconomic principles. The goal is to achieve stability, growth and profitability for a business. Business administration