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Introducing the Humanoid 4D+ App, an educational Augmented Reality app designed to provide colourful and interactive illustrations of human anatomy along with its various systems and how they work. This visually- driven app allows you to explore your muscular, skeletal, respiratory, nervous systems and more in a fun and interactive way! Animal 4d cards free download pdf Hello kaguro! We have featured 4D Animals tutorial last Tuesday in our Youtube Channel Guro Ako Chanel and we received positive feedback for the step by step tutorial on how to do the procedure. 4D animal app is created by Octagon Studio. Animal 4D+ is a fast and lightweight app that allows you to scan the. How to scan with dinosaur 4D+? This app allows you to explore human body parts in details. You can experience the anatomy exploration in Augmented Reality experience using marker provided ( App screenshot with AR label). Just point the app to the marker and start exploring the parts from the Skeletal System, Muscular System, Respiratory System, Digestive System and Skin. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

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    simply place your Aircrafts in a flat surface. Open the Animal 4D+ or Dinosaur 4D+ 2. Download Animal 4D+ App from the App Store and Play Store 2. Place the Dinosaur 4D+ card on a surface and scan with your device' s camera 4. Scan the colouring book page and enter the serial number in the serial pop up box 5. Download Humanoid 4D+ App. What is the humanoid 4D+ app? Download Dinosaur 4D+ App from the App Store and Play Store 2.