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4 ( C: \ data\ StatPrimer\ anova- a. wpd 2/ 18/ Figure 3. Variability between. ( 3) Variance Between Groups Let s2 B represent the sample variance between groups: This statistic, also called the Means Square Between ( MSB), is a measure of the variability of group means around. Why to use the ANOVA over a t- test? What is ANOVA used for? Using R to conduct a one factor ANOVA Questions Answers One- factor ANOVA The ANOVA ( " ANalysis Of VAriance" ) is a hypothesis test for the di erence between two or more means. This tutorial will describe how to compute the simplest ANOVA - the ’ 1- way’ or ’ 1- factor’ ANOVA for independent measures. Factorial ANOVA is used when there is more than one factor. What are the assumptions for use of ANOVA? Hyun- Joo Kim ANOVA 1 One- way ANOVA tutorial For one- way ANOVA we have 1 dependent variable and 1 independent variable [ factor] which as at least 2 levels. Problem description A pharmaceutical company is interested in the effectiveness of a new preparation designed to relieve arthritis pain. Three variations of the compound have been prepared for. 2 One- Way ANOVA When there is just one explanatory variable, we refer to the analysis of variance as one- way ANOVA. 1 Notation Here is a key to symbols you may see as you read through this section.

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