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oc abul ry Test 1 PRESTIGE junior 9. Insects are apart of the circle of life in the environment. A) fluent B) modest C) cautious D) remote E) critical E) instant 10. Hawks are known to havevision and also they are very talented hunters. A) sharp B) eager C) regular D) secure E) safe 11. Skills Test 2 PRESTIGE junior h 1. Our boss criticises our work all the time. A) Our boss may not like what we are doing now. B) Our boss constantly finds fault with our work. C) We did all we could, but we couldn’ t satisfy our boss. D) Sometimes, we can’ t please our boss with our work. E) We are fed up with our boss’ s continual criticism. Reading Comprehension 1 PRESTIGE junior 1.

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    Dilko prestige junior

    ( hapishane) hücre • He spent the rest of his life in a prison cell. Grammar Worksheet 1 PRESTIGE junior C. In my opinion, people who don’ t get to work on time don’ t care aboutjob. A) themselves B) their C) them D) of their own E) by themselves 2. I kept the volume of my CD player down in order not to disturbneighbours. Get the free dilko prestige 12 1 cevap anahtarı form Description of dilko prestige 12 1 cevap anahtarı PRESTIGE junior VOCABULARY INITIAL Tm hakk sakldr. 5846 ve 2936 sayl Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Yasas Hkmleri gereince yayncnn yazl izni olmakszn bu kitabn tamam veya bir ksm elektronik ortam dahil kopya. Description of dilko prestige cevap anahtarı. PRESTIGE junior VOCABULARY INITIAL Tm hakk sakldr. Fill & Sign Online, Print, Email, Fax, or Download.