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The Concept of the Political - Carl Schmitt. pdf Report ; Share. Twitter Facebook. Wolfgang Palaver ( “ Carl Schmitt, mythologue politique, ” in Carl Schmitt, Le Leviathan dans la doctrine de Vetat de Thomas Hobbes [ Paris: Seuil, ], casts considerable doubt on the complete ( though not the par¬ tial) truth of this possibility See also Carl Schmitt, Ex Captivate Salus. Experiences des annees 1945— 1947. Carl Schmitt and the Contradictions of Liberal Democracy, " European Journal ofPolitical Research, pp. Giovanni Sartori, in a contribution to the initial issue of the Journal of Theoretical Politics ( " The Essence of the Political in Carl Schmitt, " I, no. 64- 75), feels the need to defend a. Teoría de la Constitución - Carl Schmitt [ Ebook ] [ PDF ]. Carl Schmitt and Medieval Christian Political Thought Hu m a n i ta s • 177 two, sometimes overlapping meanings. One is the sense of Schmitt that politics begins to appropriate notions from theology as societ- ies secularize, thus making politics a matter of theology; the other is the ideological use of theology to mask political motivations. 3 Carl Schmitt and the Paradox of Liberal Democracy Chantal Mouffe 38 4 Carl Schmitt and ' World Unity' Jean- Franrois Kervegan 54 5 Putting the State Back in Credit David Dyzenhaus 75 6 From Karl to Carl: Schmitt as a Reader of Marx Jorge E. Dotti 92 7 Carl Schmitt and Max Adler: The Irreconcilability of Politics.

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