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Network- based ( graph theory) methods CPM, PERT,. Task is a node or an arc Matrix- based methods DSM - Tasks are columns and rows Interrelationships are off- diagonal entries System Dynamics Feedback loops, causal relationships Stocks and flows simulation Tasks that are done or waiting to be done. PROJECT MANAGEMENT USING CRITICAL PATH METHOD ( CPM) : A. ( Received 31 August 2 012; Revision Accepted 25 O ctober ) ABSTRACT. Traditional techniques of decision. 9 Critical Path in Network Analysis 2. 1 Introduction to CPM / PERT Techniques CPM/ PERT or Network Analysis as the technique is sometimes called, developed along two parallel streams, one industrial and the other military. CPM ( Critical Path Method) was the discovery of M. How to do critical path? Critical Path Method Pg 2- 4 Version 1. 3 Holiday Inputs The Critical Path Method spreadsheet allows weekend and holidays to be defined and encompassed into the schedules.

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    - Estimate the time of Activity completion. With or without enough experience, it is necessary to estimate the required time to complete all the tasks. How do you determine critical path? Critical Path is determined by identifying all paths of activities from the beginning of the network diagram until the end. After all alternative paths of activities are identified, the longest path that goes from the beginning until the end will be critical path. Oct 01, · critical path that may be affected by adverse weather. An adjustment will be made each month to reduce the weather contingency activity duration by the number of weather days lost during the month. 19 Critical path method ( CPM) Schedules 10/ 01/. Divide the Project into Tasks. The first requirement is to divide the project into tasks, also known as activities. Key Steps in Critical Path Method Let' s have a look at how critical path method is used in practice. The process of using critical path method in project planning phase has six steps.

    Step 1: Activity specification You can use the Work Breakdown Structure WBS to identify the activities involved in the project. This is the main input for the. How to calculate critical path, float, early start? How to calculate critical path.