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Wh- Questions in Past Tense [ Wh- + did + Subject + Present Simple] [ 1] Where did you go for lunch? I went to Popeye’ s chicken. [ 2] Who did you go with? I went with Danny. [ 3] When did you leave? [ 4] What did you have? I had a chicken burger. [ 5] Why did you eat out? I ate out because I’ m rich. Wh- Questions in the Past. 39; Wh' Questions In the same way as with reported ' wh' questions, we use the question word and the word order of a normal positive sentence to make indirect ' wh' questions. We don' t need to use inversion.

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    What did you talk about? What is the difference between reported and indirect questions? What is an object question example? Wh Questions Worksheets Author: Craig Comer Keywords: DAD6KrQnskI, BADdZR4L1U0 Created Date: 4/ 23/ 5: 05: 33 AM. Objective Questions can be also classified into two types: Wh- Questions and Fill- in- the- blank Questions ( Agarwal & Mannem, ; Erteschik- Shir, 1986). Questions begin with wh- word are called Wh. Wh Questions These are the wh- forms and we use them to make open or wh questions : what, when, where, which, who, whom, whose, why, how, they are all used to elicit particular kinds of information. You use when to ask about the time that something happened or will happen. Object Questions. Object questions ask about the object of a sentence.

    The word order of the question must be changed and the question requires the use of an auxiliary verb ( AUXILIARY- SUBJECT- VERB) For example: - I caught the train to London. What are the types of wh questions? This is called inversion, and it is used to make direct questions in many verb tenses in English, but we don' t use inversion in indirect questions. This is very similar to the grammar of reported questions. However, we use indirect questions in a different way from reported questions. Indirect questions are a way of being polite.