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What are the language specifications for the B1 Preliminary examination? What is lexis in B1 exam? B1 seviye İngilizce test ve cevap anahtarı burada. İngilizce B1 seviyesi test soruları ve cevapları Konusarakogren. What level do you prepare for B1 Preliminary? Preparing learners Advice for teachers Writers use the inventory of grammatical areas and the vocabulary list when preparing tasks so they are suitable for learners at B1 level, the level of B1 Preliminary. Whenever possible, the texts used in the Reading paper are adapted from authentic reading texts. sub- test as in a real examination – e. 90 minutes for Reading Comprehension and Language Elements. In this way you can see if you can do the tasks in the time given.

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    T055 - Past Tense Simple and Progressive. AD014 - Comparison of Adjectives. WO003 - Word Order. T054 - All Tenses. T053 - All Tenses. T052 - Past and Past Perfect Tense. T051 - Tenses - Sentence Building. AD013 - Adjective or Adverb. Lexis The B1 Preliminary and B1 Preliminary for Schools examinations include items which normally occur in the everyday vocabulary of native speakers using English today. Candidates should know the lexis appropriate to their personal requirements, for example, nationalities, hobbies, likes and dislikes. İngilizce B1 Seviyesi Test ( Orta Seviye İngilizce) A: Oh mummy! I have split some milk on my dress. B: Don’ t worry. a) I’ ll have it dry cleaned.

    b) It will fit you. c) You’ re going to be the centre of attention at the party. d) How many times do I have to tell you I don’ t like mistakes? Look at model answers in coursebooks to see what good answers at B1 level are like. • Practise writing with the same time limit as in the exam. • Always check your writing for spelling, grammar and vocabulary mistakes. The examiner will look at these when they mark your writing, as well as how clear your message is. Candidates who are successful in B1 Preliminary should be able to communicate satisfactorily in most everyday situations with both native and non- native speakers of English. The following is a list of the language specifications that the B1 Preliminary examination is based on. Inventory of functions, notions and communicative tasks