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Aug 13, · A fish swim. Can exercises can or can t. What is this can you swim etc. Can can t worksheets pdf exercises printable handouts grammar lessosn. Do basic actions ability worksheet to finish off this section of the lesson give out worksheets which have the vocab from the song. The negative of can is cannot or the contraction can t. Live worksheets > English > English as a Second Language ( ESL) > Modal verbs > Can or Can' t. Add to my workbooksLanguage: English. Download file pdf. Can / can' t - worksheets, pdf exercises, printable handouts, grammar lessosn. Elementary and lower intermediate level esl. Rather than - would rather pdfMixed modals - pdf exercises; Can / must / need / should; Modal verbs 1 - pdf exercises; Modal verbs 2 - pdf exercises Modal verbs - worksheets Can, can' t, could, couldn' t, must, mustn' t; Modal verbs 1 Modal verbs 2 Modal verbs 3 Modal verbs - obligation; Ability and permission - worksheet; Modal verbs - pdf. I can play basketball too because we are learning at school! But I can’ t play baseball. We don’ t have baseball lessons at my school.

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