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The usage of SPI is not limited to the measuring area, also in the audio field this type of transmission is used. The SPI ( this name was created by Motorola) is also known as Microwire, trade mark of National Semiconductor. Both have the same functionality. There are also the extensions QSPI ( Queued Serial Peripheral Interface) and MicrowirePLUS. What are the features of SPI protocol? The Serial Peripheral Interface ( SPI) is a synchronous serial communication interface specification used for short- distance communication, primarily in embedded systems. The interface was developed by Motorola in the mid- 1980s and has become a de facto standard. Typical applications include Secure Digital cards and liquid crystal displays. What is SPI communication? What does SPI stand for? receiving data, and can do so at very high speeds.

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    SPI Block Guide V04. 01 13 Section 1 Introduction Figure 1- 1 gives an overview on the SPI architecture. The main parts of the SPI are status, control and data registers, shifter logic, baud rate generator, master/ slave control logic and port control logic. Figure 1- 1 SPI Block Diagram 1.