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Plasma Physics for Astrophysics Russell M. Kulsrud Princeton U. Press, Princeton, NJ,. 00 paper ( 468 pp. ISBN, ISBNpaper Plasma Physics for Astrophysicsby Russell M. Kulsrud is the most recent addition to the outstanding series on astrophysics published by Princeton University Press. PHYSICS 425 NOTES: PLASMA ASTROPHYSICS Original version ( ) : Jean Eilek Physics Department, New Mexico Tech Socorro, NM 87801, U. EDU Minor revisions (, + ) : Lisa Young The goal of this course is to explore the “ physics of as- trophysics”. What physics governs the behavior of the astrophysical objects we observe? Standard Definition of Plasma! • “ Plasma” named by Irving Langmuir in 1920’ s! • The standard definition of a plasma is as the 4thstate of matter ( solid, liquid, gas, plasma), where the material has become so hot that ( at least some) electrons are no longer bound to individual nuclei. Electrically conducting: try to short out electric fields & give quasineutrality • Low resistivity! can often approximate plasma as in ideal conducting fluid!

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    For example, the ratio of the potential energy between typical nearest neighbor particles to their typical kinetic energy:! View 1 excerpt, cites background. Introduction to Plasma Physics: With Space, Laboratory and Astrophysical Applications. Introducing basic principles of plasma physics and their applications to space, laboratory and astrophysical plasmas, this new edition provides updated material throughout. Program in Plasma Physics" Princeton University" AST541: Seminar in Theoretical Astrophysics" Sept. 21, " acknowledgements: some slides borrowed from Profs. Stone, Fisch, others" * Can’ t possibly cover all interesting topics in plasma courses AST55n. , General Plasma Physics I & II, Waves, Irreversible Processes, Turbulence.