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Dec 20, · This fully revised Third Edition now includes 175 photographs of clinical cases and signs as well as key manoeuvres performed during specific surgical examination routines. Surgical diagnoses are often made on the basis of clinical assessment alone and thus achieving competence in clinical skills remains imperative to good practice in surgery. Dec 23, · 100 Cases in Surgery presents 100 surgical scenarios commonly seen and treated by medical students and junior doctors. The patient' s history, examination and initial investigation results are presented alongside questions on the diagnosis and management of each case. Surgery Content overview The long case 1. General approach to the long case in surgery Presenting your case Preoperative preparation of a patient for surgery Fluid management of a surgical patient Post operative management 2. Long cases Neck lump Thyroid Breast lump Abdominal pain Peptic ulcer disease. Is sursurgery a case based clinical review? How to manage the long case in surgery? Fortunately, with the objective structured clinical examination ( OSCE) format, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and examination have become more efficient. This book will be very useful for students preparing for surgical OSCEs by covering the different clinical scenarios that a certain condition might present, and allowing self- testing. Always remember that the history and examination of a surgery long case should be targeted. The following objectives should be covered by your history and examination.  Introduction of the patient  Introduction of the patient medically – Was the patient well before the current complaint? What is 100100 cases in surgery?

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