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Why should religious education be focused on knowledge? In England, religious education is a compulsory subject that is taught to primary and secondary school students under the 1944 Educational Act which was later amended as Education reform Act 1988 and most recently amended as School Standards and Framework Act 1998. Religious education is also obligatory in all state financed schools. Religious education is also acquainted with shifting environment of the general public, including transformations in religious practice and appearance and the authority of religion in the neighborhood, homes, state and in the universal society. How can religious education contribute to social and political responsiveness? Religion provides spiritual returns and more earthly social returns. The very distinct nature of these two aspects of religion can create oddities like the micro- macro switch in the education religion relationship. Education is linked both to the formation of ideological beliefs and to social involvement ( Putnam, ). Beliefs about the nature of humanity and the world influence how we systematize ourselves and communicate to others in the vicinity both nationally and internationally. Matter in religious education therefore contributes to social and political responsiveness. Nov 25, 1981 · Religious Education in Schools: School Education in Relation with Freedom of Religion and Belief, Tolerance, and Non- Discrimination, International Association for Religious Freedom ( IARF),.

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    Jul 10, · ( 1923). What is “ Religious” Education? Religious Education: Vol.