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You can now use the FLOW- 3D interface to create new simulations/ edit previous simulations and submit jobs to the POD Cluster. Running Simulations 1. To submit a job on the POD cluster, a simulation input file is required. This can be done either by creating a new simulation using the FLOW- 3D GUI in your Cloud Workstation or by copying the. Once your Usernameis included in the FLOW- 3DLicense pool but POD license managers, you can run FLOW- 3Dfrom your cloud workstation. Navigate to Applications/ POD Applications and click on FLOW- 3D. The FLOW- 3DPOD User Interface should launch. How do I run FLOW- 3D from my Cloud workstation? 0 User Manual, available through the Users Site here. 1 Computer Setup. 1 Supported Operating Systems There are certain operating systems on which FLOW- 3D and FlowSight are tested. While it may be possible to install and run. Mar 24, · User Manual: FLOW- 3D® Cast 3. 2 5 6) After a while, unless you chose ' User Interface Only' for the installation type you will next see a pop up progress dialog telling that HASP driver is being installed. Download Flow- 3D User Manual v9.

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    Custom Flow3D parameters This dialog allows you to store custom values for FLOW- 3D® variables that are not supported by FLOW- 3D® Cast user interface directly. These values are stored in *. SPF file and will be written to prepin. inp file by the FLOW- 3D®. What is the purpose of the FLOW- 3D® Animation Toolkit?