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What is the English result intermediate portfolio practice book? What is my Ma portfolio? confirm that the portfolio you submit has passed the minimum criteria outlined in this document before you can be cleared by the registrar for graduation. What is the Portfolio? The portfolio is a collection of documents relating to your work and educational experiences during your college career, particularly as an English or Creative Writing. The English Result Intermediate Portfolio Practice Book is based on Council of Europe publications. You can use it to help you complete an ‘ official’ Language Portfolio for English. There are three parts to the Language Portfolio. The Language Passport This is where you keep a résumé of your learning and record your language level,. Develop With Agility Across Use Cases on Capella DBaaS. Capella is Blazing Fast & Costs Less Than Other DBaaS. Start Today w/ a 30- Day Free Trial. What are the 6 teaching portfolio?

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    You can see how you learn and what you can do. View English Course Portfolio. pdf from ENGLISH 200 at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 23 November Dear Reader, By reading this letter you will hopefully be enlightened and gain knowledge of. The English Result Intermediate Portfolio Practice Bookis based on Council of Europe publications. Submit the portfolio through JobCat ( jobcat. The best way to do this portfolio is to compile all of the contents below into one Word file and then save it as a pdf. All portfolio contents should be professionally written ( edit and proofread carefully) and designed. Portfolio Contents 1. An annotated list of your work hours.