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Does making furniture make you a better designer? Is furniture design an art or science? methods of mass- production. In fact, a major distinction of the furniture is its cheapness. Low- cost housing of good modern design has been pro duced for the last fifteen years; now, probably for the first time, a whole 1 line of good modern furniture is approaching an inexpensive price level. The creation of spatial relationships through the size, location, and orientation of furniture pieces places furniture design within the disciplines of architecture and interior design. 12 Introduction to Furniture Design Scientifi c methods ( systematic and quantitative) — i. gathering information, orga- nizing data, and statistical analysis. Generally, a deductive approach— working from ideas and concepts down to concrete realities. appreciation and respect for furniture design.

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    Harmony can be achieved by thinking of the overall desired mood of the space. It is a holis- tic and interdisciplinary fi eld of study. Introduction to Furniture Design chapter1. Making furni- ture does not necessarily guarantee an ability to design furniture, but it will result in an expanded knowledge of materials, tools, and joinery, which in turn generates a broader appreciation and respect for furniture design. How does furniture design fit within the disciplines of Interior Design? What are the methods of furniture design?